Hello there, my name is Madalina Marandyuk & I am the owner of SONDER BOUTIQUE.

Starting this boutique has been a dream of mine since I was very little. I convinced myself it was not something I could ever achieve, so I decided to place focus on my studies instead.

In 2017, I graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration, double majoring in Human Resource Management; Management & Leadership. 

Getting a job in Human Resources was much more difficult than I had anticipated. First I worked in the Human Resources for a start up & after about 6 months, I realized it was not the right fit. I then moved to a corporate company, it still did not feel right. I quickly realized it was not the setting that I could not adapt to, it was the job. 

So what did I do? I started doing research into the process of starting a boutique. After about six months of research, I created SONDER! 

I am still learning & do not know what I am doing most of the time. I accept that this is my journey & I am excited to see where this goes! 

Thank you for stopping by.

Madalina Marandyuk